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SVN tricks and tips with some useful commands

SubVersion Integration with multiple Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication

* Download source of APR from here. And follow these steps. # tar -zxvf apr-version.tar.gz # cd apr-version # ./configure # make # make install * Download source of APR Utils from APR from And follow these steps. # … Continue reading

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svn hook to block commits without any comments

Perl script below to block commits without any comments- #!/usr/bin/perl # config section $minchars = 4; $svnlook = ‘/usr/bin/svnlook’; #——————————————– $repos = $ARGV[0]; $txn = $ARGV[1]; $testTrunk = `$svnlook changed -t “$txn” “$repos”|egrep “[A-Z]  trunk|branches”`; `date >> /tmp/test123.txt`; `/bin/echo ” … Continue reading

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Subversion Quick Reference Card

Quick start svnadmin create /var/svnroot svn import LocalDir file:///var/svnroot/ProjectName svn checkout file:///var/svnroot/ProjectName cd ProjectName svn help [command] Subversion URLs file:// Direct repository access (on local disk). http:// Access via WebDAV protocol to Subversion-aware Apache server. https:// Same as http://, but … Continue reading

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